Around the Horn (January 5)

Read Scripture for Compounding Interest in 2023 "Wealth doesn’t accumulate all at once. Warren Buffett is worth $107 billion—$106.7 billion of which was accumulated after his 50th birthday, and $103 billion after age 65. Buffett’s

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Around the Horn (December 15)

Have We Undervalued Baptism? If baptism is a covenant act it matters for our everyday lives and how we shape our actions. To deny that is the "undervalue" baptism. Hope > Optimism "God did not

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Around the Horn (December 8)

The Light of Christ in a World of Darkness In this post, Alastair Begg notes, "The Christmas message ought to be hopeful. But if it is to be hopeful, it must be more than sentimental.

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