Around the Horn (July 9)

His Kingdom, Tis of Thee In this post, Russell Moore notes, "The gospel is not a means to an end. The gospel is not a tool to excite nationalistic passions or to form social bonds

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Andrew Fuller Friday: Christian Patriotism

*This sermon has been posted here previous, but given that tomorrow is Independence Day in the United States, we felt it fitting to share it again. “And seek the peace of the city whither I

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Around the Horn (July 2)

How Church History will help you Defend the Faith In this post, Michael Haykin notes, "The early centuries of the church saw Christianity threatened by a number of theological heresies: Gnosticism, Arianism, and Pelagianism, to

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Around the Horn (June 25)

Teaching Kids to Work with Grace and Grit Here Brad Larson ponders, "As a task-oriented (more than people-oriented) person, I am well aware of the pitfall of workaholism. As a teacher and parent, I’m also

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Around the Horn (June 18)

Unleash the Lion of Scripture: How We Can Know the Bible is True In this post, Michael Kruger notes, "Coming to believe that the Bible is God’s word does not require extensive historical evidence, as

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