Around the Horn (June 20)

Rules for Preacher’s Conduct

This post was written over 250 years ago by Isaac Watts, but still has relevance for preachers today.

The Pursuit of (Which) Happiness?

“The question of which kind of happiness we’re looking for comes to us all the time: in the daily trade-offs between time and money; in the soul-searching of a bored married man whose younger coworker is showing an interest in him; in the ordinary budgeting issues of spending and saving, buying now and paying later; in the choice between taking a more stimulating job or having more time with the children; in the amount of time we spend on a screen. We all have equivalents on a daily basis, however trivial they may seem: Should I stay or should I go? Is this a time to build or a time to tear down?”

The Man Who Introduced American Evangelicals to C. S. Lewis

This is an interesting article by Justin Taylor on how one man had such an impact on the influence C. S. Lewis has had on American Evangelicals.

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