Around the Horn (November 30)

Bible people don’t want to say more or less than the Bible does

“I think many of us are very quick to baptise and sanctify our applications, assuming the form of what we do is necessarily what scripture prescribes, when the most we can really say is this is a legitimate, permissible application rather than the specific requirement on all believers.”

Turning Your Complaints into Gratitude – A Great Challenge

“Here is our challenge: whatever you are tempted to complain, flip that and consider what it is you can be grateful for in the midst of the pressure.

The Point of Christmas: Revelation of God

“Regardless of religious backgrounds, most Americans recognize Jesus is the “reason for the season.” This acknowledgment, though, signals a massive disconnect in individuals’ awareness and appropriation of those facts. People may admit Jesus is the reason for the season, but they don’t comprehend the point of Christmas: why Jesus came and Christmas happened.”

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