Around the Horn (November 16)

In the Middle of the Greatest Story

“Sometimes it’s hard to imagine you’re actually in the right story, like maybe you stumbled into someone else’s story. Have you ever felt that way- that the story you’re living somehow isn’t your story, but you’re watching it happen. It’s unfolding before you, and it has something to do with you, but it’s not your story at all.”

The Last Days of C. S. Lewis

“We tend to see Lewis’s death at a relatively young age as a tragedy, especially when considering the longer life of his older brother, Warren (Warnie), who survived him by another 10 years. But Lewis, fully aware of his failing health, didn’t see his demise in tragic terms. The last months of his life provide a model of Christian contentment in anticipation of eternal happiness.”

The Art of Sermon Illustrations

“Sermon illustrations are one of the most challenging aspects of preaching, in my opinion. I haven’t done a survey of preaching professors or textbooks, but I suspect that they would all say that preachers should employ good illustrations to help the congregation grasp the point you’re making in your sermon.”

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