Around the Horn (November 28)

There are No Extraordinary Means of Grace

In this post, Samuel James notes, “How many years have I spent as a believer earnestly, diligently, even tirelessly, seeking an extraordinary means by which I would finally feel the intimacy with Christ I desire and the temptations that beset me just fall off like sawdust? The matter-of-factness of that sentence pummeled me. That one book, that one sermon, that one conference or that one conversation I’m looking for to put all the jagged parts of my spiritual life into an incandescent whole…it does not exist. There’s always something else to do, but there are no extraordinary means of grace.”

Faith is Not Wishful Thinking, It is Defiance 

Michael Horton, in this artilce, paints a picture of faith that is much more robost than just hoping for good things. He argues that faith pushes us out of our tendency to be “bent in on ourselves.”

The Bible

In this sermon, Charles Spurgeon makes that case for God’s grace being evident through his working in the affairs of mortal man, and a clear example is God’s giving of his word.


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