Around the Horn (November 21)

Learning Evangelism from G.K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis

Both Chesterton and Lewis are mammoth figures in the world of Christian intellictuals. Yet, these two men never lost sight of some basic principles of evangelism of which we could all stand to be reminded.

Feelings vs. Faith?

Pastors need to be individuals who point others to the truth in the midst of difficult circumstances, but not at the exclusion of empathy. In this post, Jared Wilson notes “…the most important thing a pastor can do is not validate our feelings, but rather encourage us in the truth. The best pastors remind us that there is deeper and truer reality than what we can at this very moment see, hear, and touch. That doesn’t make this world unreal; it just makes it un-ultimate.”

Your Listening Habits are Harming Your Relationship with God

“Amid this growing noise, we may lose our ability to hear those closest to us and therefore lose our ability to hear from God,” writes Timothy Massaro in this post. In order to combat this danger, he encourages establishing habits that fight against the noise and busyiness of modern life.


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