Around the Horn (February 2)

Frederick Douglass’s Crusade against ‘Soul-Destroying Religion’ – Tim Stafford

Tim Stafford shares a brief history of who Frederick Douglass was and then shares a few excerpts from Douglass’s writing on how Christianity made him love all people and abhor slavery even more.

We Need Black History Month – David Mathis

Why do we have a “Black History” Month? Doesn’t that heighten the racial tensions? David Mathis winsomely writes about why we need Black History month.

Where do we go from here? Racial reconciliation in 2017 – Matthew Hall

The racial tension in our country seems higher than it’s ever been. Matthew Hall looks back to 1967 and the wisdom of Martin Luther King, Jr. to call us toward urgency and love as the foundation for our action in the coming year.

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