Around the Horn (July 14)


On Religious Liberty: Has All Goodwill Run Out? – Andrew Walker

After the comments of Virginia’s governor and the situation in Iowa where the state civil rights commission has written some haphazard guidance that could lead to the censoring of sermons, Walker wonders if there is any goodwill remaining with those on the political left.

The Gospel of the Kingdom is Like an Old Hymn – Jared Wilson

This is so good. Jared Wilson thinks through why hymns tend to reach deeper into our hearts than some of the modern worship songs and how that relates to the way we often treat the Gospel.

Ten Traits of the Healthiest Churches Ten Years From Now – Thom Rainer

With the rapid changes occurring in our culture, what will a healthy church look like in ten years? Thom Rainer’s post on the ten traits that healthy churches will have in ten years serve as a helpful starting point for church leaders looking to ensure they remain healthy as the culture continues to rapidly change around us.

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