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Pastor Joshua Tillman of First Baptist Church Oak Ridge in Missouri has written a helpful review of “Church with Jesus as the Hero

He begins by writing:

Have you ever received a small box or package of car parts? The box may be just bigger than your hands and you go to pick it up and almost drop it on the floor because it is so heavy. That is what David Prince and his fine staff at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church have provided in their short (136 pages) but very weighty book Church with Jesus as the Hero. Sure, there are a lot of resources out their concerning “Christ-centered” preaching, but few books that cover Christ-centered ministry.

This book is very applicable, very practical, and hits you right between the eyes with a true definition of Christ-Centered Ministry. The book is prefaced by author/pastor Tony Merida before David Prince sets the premise of the book in the Introduction. The book is then broken down into three sections: Interpreting the Bible with Jesus as the Hero, Preaching with Jesus and the Hero, and Ministry with Jesus as the Hero. While from the headings it would appear the book is addressed to ministers it would be a mistake to assume that. Any Christian could (and should) read and learn from this book. With sixteen chapters and 136 pages the book is very easy to read and therefore reaches a very broad audience.

You can read the rest of the review here.

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