Reflections on the 2015 ERLC Leadership Summit on the Gospel and Racial Reconciliation

No Comments March 28, 2015


[The following is a guest post by Casey McCall, Pastor of Students and Discipleship at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church]

Fourteen years ago, by the mercy of God, I repented of my sin and believed in the gospel of Jesus Christ in my hometown of Dothan, Alabama. Two months later, I was used by God to lead two men to Christ at the Dothan Rescue Mission. These men began attending my church and even joined the choir. What should have been a cause for church-wide celebration in my home church became an opportunity for racism and bigotry to rear its serpentine head once again. You see, those two men were black, and there were several white members of the congregation who voiced anger over two new brothers in Christ leading them in worship on Sunday mornings on account of their skin cells containing a higher amount of melanin. Racism is still alive in our churches.

On Thursday morning, I travelled with a group of friends and brothers in Christ to the ERLC Leadership Summit on the topic of “The Gospel and Racial Reconciliation.” Dr. Russell Moore and his staff decided on this topic at the last minute in light of increased racial tensions over tragedies involving the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Eric Garner in New York, and others.

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