Around the Horn (April 25)

The Art of Extemporaneous Preaching

“How did he do it? Amid pastoring a growing church, preparing sermons for publication, mentoring pastoral students, caring for his family, and more, how did he find time to prepare so many sermons? For Spurgeon, an important key was learning to deliver his sermons extemporaneously.”

Satan Hates Your Pastor

“Ministry is spiritual warfare, and the God-hating devil takes aim at the leaders of Christ’s churches. The snare of their disgrace has the potential for widespread damage on the churches and lives of Christ’s people.”

Read John Calvin’s Mail to Discover His Theological Development

“Reading the mail of significant figures is a long-treasured practice, no matter the distance in time or difference in culture. Some of the most beloved letters among Reformed thinkers include those of John Calvin (1509–64). Calvin’s correspondence reveals his inward meditations; he utilized letter writing as a form of self-examination, in the context of both his friendships and his congregational affiliations.”

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