Around the Horn (April 4)

Christ’s Resurrection Is the Amen of His Promises

Randy Alcorn notes here, “The physical resurrection of Jesus is the cornerstone of redemption. Without it and what it means—an eternal future for fully restored humans dwelling on a fully restored Earth—there’s no Christianity.”

The Man Who Died in the Pulpit

John Piper reflects on this event, “This is the way it struck me: that’s the way most of us are going to die. We won’t be on some mountaintop of sinless spiritual fervor. We won’t. We’ll be dealing with some mundane, frustrating, ordinary issue like students making a ruckus coming into chapel, speakers that are embarrassing to listen to — trying to say something helpful about this frustrating reality. And here’s the beautiful thing: in the midst of dealing with ordinary, mundane, frustrating disappointments, Christ will shine through. And he did.”

Random Thoughts on Being a Dad

In this post Tim Challis offers genuinely random thoughts on being a dad. There are some good ones!

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