Talk to Yourself About Yourself!

Below is a helpful thought from D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones on prayer. David E. Prince I urge, therefore that there is nothing more important in connection with prayer than preliminary meditation and consideration of what we

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Asbury, Revival, and Christian Cynicism?

Wednesday, February 8th, Asbury College had a chapel service. Chapel is a pretty ordinary experience at a Christian university. What is extraordinary is that the worship time that began on February 8th is still going on

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Virtual Children? Virtual Church?

Virtual children? Sounds like something from a bad science fiction movie. Sadly, it is an idea being promoted as a way to combat climate problems, as you can see in this disturbing Ted Talk about

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No Pastor, It Wasn’t Consensual

I feel physically ill every single time. Unfortunately, I have had this feeling far too often in the last few years. What causes this revulsion? Pastors and ministry leaders who sexually abuse those who look

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