Stop Chasing Your Dreams

I love listening to my children tell me about their futures. They have all kinds of dreams about all kinds of things. They each know, for example, what they’re going to be when they grow

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The Struggling Christian Myth

Some Christians prefer to struggle. The thought was first suggested to me as I listened to Brian Koppelman’s “The Moment” podcast a few years ago. During his 7/7/15 conversation with author Seth Godin, Koppelman relates

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Humble Confidence, Not Self-Love

Contemporary pop psychology’s mantra about well-being is that you must love yourself first to be a healthy person and to be able to love others. It is common for some form of this thinking to

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Happy 100th Birthday Jackie Robinson

An excerpt from In the Arena: The Promise of Sports for Christian Discipleship On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson, a 28-year-old rookie, courageously ran onto Ebbets Field transforming one of the most sacred spaces in American

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