About Casey McCall

Casey McCall is Lead Pastor of Ashland Oldham County, located in Buckner, KY.

Does God Want Me to be Happy?

Do you ever wish you could have a ‘redo’ on something? I could list many such experiences, but one that has haunted me for the past 16 years is my very first sermon. Coming out

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Stop Chasing Your Dreams

I love listening to my children tell me about their futures. They have all kinds of dreams about all kinds of things. They each know, for example, what they’re going to be when they grow

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The Struggling Christian Myth

Some Christians prefer to struggle. The thought was first suggested to me as I listened to Brian Koppelman’s “The Moment” podcast a few years ago. During his 7/7/15 conversation with author Seth Godin, Koppelman relates

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Charles Haddon Spurgeon, SJW?

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892) is rightly known today for his preaching. The pioneer mega-church pastor attracted weekly crowds numbering in the thousands to his Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, England. His sermons were distributed all over

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I Didn’t Plan to Be a Church Planter

What does it take to plant a church? Could it be we have the wrong model for the ideal church planting candidate? Pastor Casey McCall relates his own experience in church planting to help us see a better way to think about church planting qualifications.

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