Around the Horn (May 2)

Preaching Goliath’s Sword

“It was entertaining, gripping, mesmerizing, and attention grabbing. He had lots of conjecture, guesswork, and speculation. Those last three words, while accurate to this sermon, are not the marks of biblical preaching. You know the problem with this sermon already. Scripture. doesn’t. say. that. It doesn’t. After the sermon was over, we didn’t know much more about what the Bible actually said than before he began.”

How Does Biblical Theology Impact Preaching?

In this post by Thomas R. Schreiner, he writes “All good preaching takes into account biblical theology, but we have to ask first what biblical theology is and how it differs from systematic theology. The first thing to be said is that biblical and systematic theology overlap. That is the nature of life; things can’t be put into tight compartments hermetically sealed off from one another. Still, biblical theology focuses on the history of redemption, the time-line of the biblical story, the progress of redemption throughout history. Biblical theology always asks as we interpret each book of the Bible where we are in the storyline of the Bible.”

Which Preacher Influences You The Most?

“IF SOMEONE POLLED YOUR CHURCH WITH THIS QUESTION, “which preacher do you listen to most frequently,” how would you respond?  Some would point to their pastor. Others might suggest a preacher on the radio or a favorite podcast. But if we are honest, these answers are often not true. Believe it or not, the individual who has the greatest access to many of our hearts, the one who preaches to us most frequently and aggressively, is not who we think.” 

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