Around the Horn (March 21)

Truthful Thinking Is Greater Than Positive Thinking

“I regularly meet people who promote a worldview of positive thinking. In fact, there are religions and schools of thought that major in it. Such belief systems claim, to a greater or lesser degree, that positive thinking saves people from sin, grief, pain, brokenness, and even eternal damnation in hell. They’re attractive because they give us a sense of control. And in an age of chaos, a little control feels comforting.”

How the Gospel Transforms Our Productivity

“To be productive is to embrace the reality of what God does in us and to respond in worship through our work and our rest. Christianity does not teach that we must do many things to be at peace with God. On the contrary, we do things because, through Jesus’s sacrifice, we are already at peace with God. The verdict is in. With this confidence we can seek to have a productive life, knowing that even if we fail “

How the Gospel Transforms Our Productivity

In this post from a series, Trevin Wax notes that “. . . there’s no reason for solid, biblical preaching to bore people. Crafting a sermon well, with intention, and being passionate in your delivery so your tone reflects the seriousness of the substance, isn’t something new. This has been and remains a perennial concern of Christian exegetes.”

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