Around the Horn (March 14)

Cynics in the Hand of a Living God: How to Shake a Cynicism Habit

“But as I looked around at the myriad failures of other Christian leaders and considered the wander-proneness of my own heart, I was tempted to despair. Sometimes I’m still tempted to despair. Yet I’ve experienced great freedom. There’s hope for the despairing cynic. How? I recognized that, for the Christian, cynicism (and the hopelessness it breeds) is a form of drunkenness.”

How to Hear God Speak

Could the answer be as simple as show up to church? Casey McCall thinks so.

To Stand Out, Know Who and When You Are

Here, Trevin Wax asks, “Whenever we talk about cultural narratives and stories that grip the imagination of people in our time, it’s easy to wonder if we can get to a clear picture of faithfulness. Is it possible we’re just too infected with these worldly ways of seeing the world? Can we expect to stand out in a culture when we can’t escape cultural influences? Who are we really? What time is it? How does our when affect our who?”

Extra Base: “Reading the Bible with Jesus as the Hero” an interview with David Prince

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