Around the Horn (February 22)

Courageous Pastors or Overbearing Leaders: How Do We Tell the Difference?

“This generation needs courageous pastors. Every generation does. Shepherds are charged with guarding and protecting the flock of God from harm, and there’s plenty of that out there, whether in the form of wolves or thieves—predators within or bullies without. Faced with threats to the church and with an Enemy who always seeks to kill and destroy, pastors need to lead clearly and bravely. We need courageous shepherds.”

When Cultural Tailwinds Become Cultural Headwinds

Commenting on the changing winds towards Christianity Stephen MacAlpine writes, “Yet here’s the thing about that cultural tailwind. We didn’t notice we were running with it. We just assumed that that was the way life was. When we thought or spoke of difficult times for the church, or even severe persecution, we paid lip service to it, but simply assumed that those were strange times in the past, or strange lands in the present.”

Tips for Delighting in the Old Testament

Jason DeRouchie offers a series of helpful ideas for how to not only approach the Old Testament, but to delight in it.

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