Around the Horn (January 11)

Danger of Being a Sermon Critic

Tim Challis starts this post stating firmly, “There are few habits that are easier to establish and few habits that are easier to foster than the habit of critiquing the Sunday sermon. There are also few habits that require less skill, that demand less character, and that bring less benefit.”

The Posture of Preaching

This is not new but still good. Tom Nettles asks, “In what position does a person place his mind and heart as he approaches the time of pulpit proclamation? Within what framework does the preacher of the gospel align his thoughts as he prepares to stand before the people of God to deliver the message of God from the book of God?”

How Do I Find the Main Point of a Psalm?

In this post John Piper challenges the reader to realize that to understand the picture and point of any given Psalm he or she must do the hard work of seeing and understanding the big picture of Scripture.

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