Around the Horn (December 21)

Advent Prepares Us for Mission

Patrick Schreiner poses a helpful thought in the post, noting, “In the Great Commission, Jesus sends his followers to make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19). We sometimes neglect to see that this mission is foreshadowed in Jesus’s birth narrative (Matt. 1–2). Mission didn’t begin at the end of Christ’s earthly work; instead, Jesus’s birth foreshadows that a mission to the nations was the purpose of his coming.”

The Point of Christmas: Salvation for All Peoples

The Cripplegate has been running a series on the point of Christmas. Here, Robb Brunansky emphasizes the opportunity Christmas is, writing, “Christmas is a call to proclaim this good news of salvation to everyone God allows. Jesus came to bring salvation to all peoples, nations, languages, and ethnicities. Our mission is to do our part to make sure the message gets to all these people.”

Christ for the World: Delight in the Incarnation with Athanasius

This post by Matthew Hoskin is a helpful summary about some of the most salient points from Athanasius’ On the Incarnation.

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