Around the Horn (December 14)

Trials Are Gardens for Lies

In this post, Marshall Segal turns to the book of James and the truth that every good gift comes from God as a way to fight the lies of satan.

Tasting Heaven Now

Here, Casey McCall asks, “But what if I told you the Bible presents the resurrection as something you begin experiencing now in this life? What if all our talk about “going to heaven when we die” obscures the powerful truth that we get to begin tasting heaven right now?”

Nobody Can Know the Trouble You’ve Seen

In this helpful post on the current conversation on empathy Samuel James recognizes, “If empathy is the conscious choice to try to see things from another person’s point of view, it’s ironic that the “empathy debate” plays out in online mediums that by definition exclude the possibility of slowly, personally understanding how someone might have arrived at their beliefs.”

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