Around the Horn (October 26)

The Resilient Leader

“I learned lessons in leadership from playing rugby. One of them was that fitness in sport is about recovery rate. Fitness is not just how fast you run and how hard you tackle once, it’s repeating that over and over again in pressure situations Resilience is the capacity to recover and go again; to bounce back from tough times, from extended periods of work and pressure which we can all face seasonally in life.”

Are You Really Preaching Christ?

“Inside the pulpit in London where I learned to preach was a little inscription meant only for the preacher as he stepped up to his task: “Sir, we would see Jesus.” Those words from John 12:21 made clear what I was there to do. Yet, simple as the message was, it was not shallow. It reflected the deepest wells of Christian thought.”

A Day in the Life of an Ordinary Christian

“Let’s suppose that for just one day the Lord chose to make a documentary about you—“A Day in the Life of an Ordinary Christian.” For a single day your every move was recorded and your every word transcribed. For a single day even your thoughts were externalized and written down. A camera crew was beside your bed when you awoke, they sat with you at breakfast, and stayed at your side through your duties at work and at home. They held boom mics above your head as you led your family in devotions, trailed along behind when you went to your midweek service or small group, watched you sing your children to sleep, and bid farewell only when you had returned to bed, turned out the lights, and fallen into a deep slumber.”

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