Around the Horn (October 19)

Preach to Comfort and Disturb

“Pastors are men atop a watchtower. They keep awake, while others sleep. The Holy Spirit has placed them there to oversee the church. They scan the darkness; they have a horn to alarm the people of noiseless foes and distant lanterns.”

What Comes After Preaching? Becoming a Doer of the Word

“How a Sunday worship service is conducted differs from church to church. In other words, liturgies vary. But, generally, a Sunday service is separated into four broad parts: prayer, singing, sermon, and the offering or tithes. Some denominations include advertisements or news. Others have an alter call, recently popularised by the famous Billy Graham. A much longer conversation is necessary if we want to examine the place and priority of the various elements, not to mention the sacraments. My purpose in this post is more modest. I want to answer a question: what should come after preaching?”

Listen, Don’t Critique

“Regardless of the amount of training and study a person might have, we are not supposed to come to church to critique the sermon. We are not food critics but rather pilgrims who need Christ, one greater than Moses, to give us heavenly manna—spiritual nourishment that he brings through the hands of his ordained ministers.”

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