Around the Horn (October 5)

Dear Pastor . . . Let Christ Preach

In this post, Sam Allberry notes, “Even though there’s a part of me that has wanted to be a more dynamic communicator, I’m glad I don’t have the gift of gab. For as lovely as it would be to routinely hold a crowd in rapt attention, it’s healthy to not be able to do so. If I knew I could captivate people by my own natural charisma, it would be too tempting, and I might not work as hard at understanding and preaching the text as I should. Instead, I must work hard on what I’m saying. The content of my sermon must be compelling, or I feel I have no reason to be there. If the word isn’t moving anyone, I’ve no reason to think I will.”

Competing Voices

“So many of us struggle with the competing voices inside our own heads, the ongoing whispers of our internal dialogue. If we stop and truly listen, we can usually identify at least two different kinds of expression. The voice of our Savior speaks hope into our lives, affirming his love and assuring his presence. His motive is to give life, and life that is wonderfully abundant (John 10:10). Often, however, we listen to the voice of our Enemy, whose desire in every context is to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). Each speaks according to its heart motive. The way we interact with our world depends on which voice we listen to. It is essential that we distinguish between voices before we follow.”

The Leader You Long to Follow

“We live in times of great cynicism about leaders. From politicians, to leaders in business and entertainment, to spiritual leaders — we find ourselves surrounded by stories of leadership failures. Yet even in our growing suspicions, we cannot be done with the idea of leadership. It is both a practical necessity and a deep longing in the human heart. We were made for true leaders, and we ache for them, for good leaders who will bless and work for the good of their followers, rather than use them.”

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