Around the Horn (September 7)

Is There a Difference between Courage and Christian Courage?

In this post, Joe Rigney discusses the importance of the animating principle that sets Christian courage apart from other forms of courage.

God’s Good Design of the Local Church

“We too often think of the church as an organizational structure set up merely by man. Sometimes this is even done for more sinister reasons, in ways that benefit the pursuit of power and money. While it’s undoubtedly true that snakes have crept in and used the church for such ill purposes, it is also true these slimy serpents did not design the church. God did.”

Pride will destroy you, your ministry, and people around you

“We mustn’t think of pride in a one-dimensional way. Pride can grow in all kinds of soil: in success, in power, in failure, in suffering. Pride is adaptable and fits snuggly in all different sizes. Pride is having that concern for yourself and your reputation over and above God and his glory and the good of others. Pride is a belief that I am better or that I deserve better.”

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