Around the Horn (August 31)

10 Tips for Preaching Students

“As a new semester begins at Bible colleges and seminaries, many students look forward to taking their first preaching course. Some have no preaching experience and hold the syllabus tightly with nervous fingers. Some have experience teaching in various capacities and received glowing reviews from well-meaning church members, so they assume there is little to learn. Both should enter the upcoming semester with humility, patience, and at least eight other perspectives.”

Christ as Light and Lens for Reading the Old Testament Well

In this robust post, Jason DeRouchie notes, “To have the “mystery” of God’s kingdom purposes revealed means, in part, that one’s spiritual eyes have been opened to properly understand the Old Testament. Through rebirth, we become spiritual people who can spiritually discern and rightly understand spiritual truths (1 Cor 2:13–14). True Christians are the only ones who can rightly grasp all that God intends to communicate through the Old Testament.”

What Hath the Pulpit to Do with Politics? Reflections on Preaching and Cultural Engagement

“Indeed, every Sunday, preachers feel the friction between staying silent or speaking up on these issues. Should I say something about the Dobbs case? How do we approach pride month or talk about our bathroom policies? Here are two reflections to encourage preachers to engage prominent cultural issues in their sermons.”

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