Around the Horn (August 24)

The Difference Between Optimism and Biblical Hope

“Without clear definitions, the lines between optimism and biblical hope might appear blurry. If Christians are called to be hopeful people, are we therefore called to be optimistic?”

Wager on Getting Out of Bed

“The most fundamental decision is the decision to get out of bed. It communicates something. The decision to get out of bed is the decision to live. It’s a claim that life is worth living despite the risk and uncertainty and the inevitability of suffering—one of the few things we can know for certain in this life.”

“Do not Commit Spiritual Infanticide”: Charles Spurgeon’s Parenting Advice

“Spurgeon warns against the all-too-common failures of parenting which lead children away from the Church and away from Christ. Parents are tempted to give into the vices of their children and the culture. This capitulation too often leads to spiritual infanticide.”

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