Around the Horn (August 10)

Preach Christ, Embody Christ

In this post, Ray Ortland writes, “Setting an example is a powerful and essential part of pastoral leadership. A strong line of reasoning in preaching, even a soundly biblical argument, might fail to persuade. But a personal example of Christlikeness, especially what Francis Schaeffer called “the beauty of human relationships,” is unanswerable.”

Preaching About Much, but Not Much About Christ

“Much preaching today addresses many topics. In theologically and politically conservative Christian churches, you’ll hear sermons about parenting, homosexuality, gender issues, leadership, masculinity, homeschooling, political issues, etc. It’s not necessarily wrong to sometimes mention such topics in sermons. However, these types of sermons are not often focused on Christ. These sermons may mention the gospel but are not typically Christ-centered and grace-filled.”

Baptisms in the Jordan River: A Pet Peeve

“The significance of the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan—the very river Israel crossed to claim their kingdom, and the place the Spirit descended and the voice of God was heard audibly—makes this site a magnet for “tourist baptisms.” Any time you visit the river, you are likely to find people being baptized at designated spots that have platforms, changerooms, and that sell t-shirts declaring “I was baptized in the Jordan River.” (I’m not making that up).”

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