Around the Horn (July 13)

Why We Need to Hear Sermons in Person

In this piece, Joe Carter asks, “Does it matter whether people hear sermons in person at church or in private on a computer screen? Why are sermons delivered the way they are—as an oral presentation before a public audience at a particular time and location? After all, there are numerous means by which the same information could be transmitted.”

Henry the Baptist Came Preaching: Henry and Baptist Political Theology

“Was there anything distinctively Baptist about Henry’s political thought? The answer is yes, and it is focused on the first freedom: religious liberty,” notes Jason Duesing in this post about Carl F. H. Henry.

When You Preach, Don’t Forget about God’s Grace

Alistair Begg is helpful here, “For preachers, or for those who may feel called to becomepreachers, concern for the nature of God’s grace should be matched by a concern about the manner in which that grace is communicated. If we’re going to declare the good news of Jesus—if we’re going to tell people that God’s wrath was satisfied and His love demonstrated at the cross—then we must do so in a way that’s both truthful and winsome. Many labor to do the former; few seem to give even a second of thought to the latter. Paul’s pattern for preaching grace, however, involves both sound content and sound communication.”

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