Around the Horn (July 6)

Parents Are Key to Youth Ministry

“Parents and youth ministers both know youth ministry can’t merely be about what students want; it must give students what they need. What if, far from ruining youth ministry, parents are a secret, indispensable ingredient for its health and success? Here are three reasons why this is the case.”

Gentleness Made Him Great

“The reason we felt safe with Seth wasn’t because he was weak. He emphatically was not. He was strong — both physically and emotionally. And he was gentle. That is, he knew how to use his strength to life-giving ends. To the gift of his strength, he had added the virtue of gentleness.”

Preaching to the Imagination

“The Gospel is a sort of “palate cleanser” for our imaginations. We are inundated with the world’s images and narratives, and the Gospel comes with a counter narrative and images that are powerful enough to drive out and replace the world’s images. As ministers of the Word, we need to speak to the imagination of those God sets before us.”

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