Around the Horn (June 22)

Preaching that Moves the Heart

“If preaching to the heart of the people means the preacher’s own heart must be reached by the text, then part of preparing to preach is taking time to savor the truths of the Bible.”

Motherhood Isn’t Martyrdom

“Of course, motherhood is hard and, in some cases, deeply painful. It’s right, good, and wise to share our struggles openly and honestly with one another, especially in the body of Christ. It’d be folly to pretend that we’ve mastered mothering or that our kids escaped original sin. However, many of our taglines overemphasize the pain of motherhood to the exclusion of the delight.”

An Untethered Identity Is Dangerous

“But sometimes when we talk about identity, we’re really thinking in a way that’s disconnected from God or disconnected from the Bible. That is, instead of having a voice from the outside to tell us something about ourself, the question of identity is often self-referential. It assumes human autonomy. It’s almost gnostic.”

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