Around the Horn (June 1)

What Is a Church?

“So, a church is a gathering. A church is not just people—it’s people who assemble regularly. A church is never less than that. But a church is also more than this. In other words, there’s a major difference between a church and a random gathering of Christians hanging out or even gathering for Bible instruction as at a conference.”

What’s Expected of a Church Member?

“Church membership isn’t a marriage vow. There’s no “’til death do us part.” But there are similar dynamics at play. We make basic commitments to one another because we believe they help preserve our faith. God puts children of God into the family of God in order to protect and strengthen believers against the inevitable tendencies to sin, complacency, selfishness, and error. And the commitments we make help to clarify how we’re to be family to one another.”

Going to Church: Championing the Beauty of the Local Church

Chock full of statistics, this author notes in this post, ““One of the beauties of the weekly worship service is it’s a group of people you haven’t chosen for yourself,” she said. “How much more striking it is when you’re with this group of people you have nothing except Jesus in common with? And yet, God has called them all together to worship.”

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