Around the Horn (May 18)

Lessons in Church Leadership: Establishing a Vision

In this post, Alistair Begg offers wisdom for leadership while standing on the shoulders of Nehemiah.

Roast What You Kill

“I had never considered Scripture’s testimony of the more sophisticated lazy man — one with his shirt tucked in, going about his work, busily adding events to his calendar. I dismissed the cartoon, never taking time to examine myself against one species of sloth given to us in Proverbs: the man who busies himself with starting many things, but doesn’t bring them to completion.”

To the Soon-To-Be Pastor

“If you’re in seminary reading this, chances are you’ve heard the stereotypes about new pastors fresh out of school. Naïve and ambitious, filled with head knowledge from the rigorous theological study but with hands and hearts that haven’t quite caught up. You may think you won’t fall victim to these stereotypes, but then again so did everyone else! So how can you serve in your new post for those first 90 days and guard yourself against these tropes?”

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