Around the Horn (April 27)

Think Little

“So often, we’re focused on the big. I’m grateful for those who are faithful in big things. I just think it’s time we stopped overlooking what God does through the rest of us who aren’t powerful, connected, and leveraged. It’s time to move from focusing on what’s big and powerful to seeing what God can do through the ordinary, even when it doesn’t look like much.”

Standing on the Shoulder of Nobodies

“Yet our world moves and grows because of the many interconnected actions of the small, not merely the big. Isaac Newton once said that all his work existed because he stood on the shoulders of giants. But I look at the way God has made the world, and I wonder if, instead, we’re really all just standing on the backs of a bunch of nobodies.”

When Life Feels Repetitive

“In reality though, if we count all the births, graduations, moves, weddings, vacations, and career changes, they can’t outnumber the times we wash dishes, go to work, grocery shop, help with homework, work out at the gym, sleep, and engage in conversations. Our lives are made up of these repetitive activities. And that repetition can wear on us and make us wonder, What’s the point?

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