Around the Horn (April 13)

Where Did All This Expository Preaching Come From?

“There’s no doubt that, at least within Reformed churches, this is an age of expository preaching—of preaching sequentially through books of the Bible while always ensuring that the point of the text is the point of the sermon. Yet you do not need to look far into history to find that it was not always so and that in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries such preaching was rare.”

Reading for Preaching

“Thus, the mark of a good sermon is not whether it brings tears to members’ eyes or brings the house down with laughter (though those things can be praiseworthy and desirable); it is instead whether the tears and the laughter enable one to more clearly see himself or herself in the unfolding story of God’s love for the world.”

The Gospel Never Does Nothing

“The one thing the gospel never does is nothing. Under the preaching of the gospel, no one remains the same. We are either moving closer to God or further from him. No one remains neutral. No one remains unchanged. We soften, or we harden.”

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