Around the Horn (March 23)

Cultivate a Sounding Board, not an Echo Chamber

“Due to our fallen nature, we want people around us who will affirm not only our opinions but also our base instincts. We have a tendency to seek out people who agree with us on what we say but also will not challenge us on how we say it. We want an echo chamber, but what we really need is a sounding board.”

Tony Merida on the Future of Preaching

“In this recording of Dr. Tony Merida’s main session teaching at the Acts 29 Advance Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, he says there is a future for preaching because the theological convictions which undergird preaching are timeless. He identifies five convictions that drive one’s commitment to preach God’s Word and proposes a model for preachers to follow. “

There is Something Better than Never Suffering

In this post, Jared Wilson argues that living a life with the goal of avoiding suffering at all cost is not the most enriching life.

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