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For Everything There Is a Season: On Fandom, Futility, and the Wisdom of Ecclesiastes

If you ever wondered how the book of Ecclesiastes helps us rightly center our fandom, then this post is for you.

Why Christians Should Consider Coaching Little League Sports

“The value of little league sports has shifted. In decades past, many parents and coaches believed youth sports were designed to teach valuable life lessons such as teamwork, friendship, healthy competition and how to lose. Now, little league sports have shifted to a utilitarian approach. Many parents use little league sports as a means to get their children college scholarships or make it to the professional leagues. Therefore, these type of parents no longer value as much the character-building traits sports provide, but rather desire coaches to improve physical performance to increase their child’s future happiness and success. Should, then, Christian parents abdicate youth sports altogether?”

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the Ingredients of True Revival

“Lloyd-Jones never wrote a systematic exposition of revival. The most sustained articulation of his theology of revival can be found in the 24 sermons he preached in 1959 to mark the centennial anniversary of the great transatlantic revival of 1859. In this series, he fully unpacks and explores themes that he’d mention hundreds of times. But the single best place to start with his theology of revival is a sermon from Ephesians 4:4–6, preached on June 9, 1957.”

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