Around the Horn (March 2)

Baseball and the Meaning of Life

“But baseball is not the problem – our schedules are. Baseball, in fact, is the solution. The pace of baseball, I propose, ought to be the pace of our lives. The moments in baseball that seem boring to most are in fact the most profoundly important moments of the game.”

Doing what is right without needing a new word from the Lord

This post encourages us to just do the thing we know is right. Author, Simon van Bruchem notes, “I think we need to reflect on this because sometimes we make the service of God a little too mystical.”

Facts Don’t Care About Your Healings

“The mental health crisis in the West is ideologically coded precisely because it is ideological. And in the coming years, the most effective form of Christian or conservative argumentation will simply be the display of stability and compassion. Beyond the Christian gospel lies just endless performance. In the absence of a just God, justice must be performed. In the absence of a Creator, identity must be performed. In the absence of a Savior, atonement must be performed. In the absence of a Father, intimacy must be performed.”

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