Around the Horn (February 16)

A God Above Means Purpose Below

In this post Dan Dewitt raises a good question, “Without purpose what are we left with?” And from where must that purpose come?

The Danger of Pursuing a Perfect Church

“If we expect believers to be saints who still sin, why not expect the same for God’s people corporately? Shouldn’t we expect the church to manifest signs she’s simul justus et peccator? Too often, we hold the church to higher standards than we hold ourselves. And when churches stumble and fall, we recoil from and reject our family members in Christ.”

Agnes Beaumont: Making Sense of the Nonsensical

“Out of all the stories about Puritan women that I came across in my research over the past several years, Agnes Beaumont’s was by far the weirdest,” writes Jenny-Lyn de Klerk. She uses an unfortunate time in this Puritan woman’s life to show how framing our life on Scripture helps us better understand difficulty.

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