Around the Horn (February 9)

Preachers Should Measure Twice and Cut Once

“Measure twice and cut once. For generations, the veteran builder has spoken these words over a sawhorse to their younger apprentice. Because as the saying goes, when you spend extra time being precise on your measurement, you won’t waste time (and wood) by repeating it over again. What’s true in the wood shop is also true in the study. The preacher must measure twice and cut once when preparing to make an argument.”

Shepherds Feed the Sheep

“In the center of Peter’s restoration here is embedded not just a reality of identity but a reality of vocation. What I mean is, Jesus isn’t just reaffirming Peter’s right standing with himself; he is restoring Peter’s pastoral office. He’s giving him something to do, and it is the fundamental, essential, irreducible task of the shepherd—feed Christ’s sheep.”

Unshockable Parenting

“Our children are not perfect, and they will not lead perfect lives. They will wrestle with sin, poor choices, and difficult issues beyond their control, whether publicly or privately, just as we do. How do we ensure that we can be a safe refuge for our teenage or adult children, even in their darkest moments or at times that they may cause us great sadness or disappointment? That we will be unshockable parents … in order to maintain the relationship with our child?”

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