Around the Horn (February 2)

Keep Doing The Small Things

“What if your greatest spiritual growth does not come through some cataclysmic event. What if the most important spiritual breakthroughs in your life are slow and methodical? Are you going to be OK with that?”

Good Leaders Are Easy to Follow

“If I let my 5-year-old have a can of Coke, a bag of Skittles, and half a dozen Oreos right before bed, I shouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t listen when I say it is time to sleep. Yes, my child would still be responsible for his willful disobedience, but I have set him up for failure. Through my permissiveness of sugary junk food before bed, I have failed him. My leadership and oversight can set my children up for success or failure. The patterns, rhythms, and habits that a mom and dad establish for their family will shape the behavior of their children.”

Cultivate a Culture of Service in Youth Ministry

“Even in the church, when we see young people serving occasionally, we think of it as an unusual act. Youth groups may plan service projects twice a year, and when they do, we think that they’ve done their Christian duty. But in a Christ-centered youth ministry, serving is more than that.”

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