Around the Horn (January 26)

That Succinct Single-Sentence Summary

“What is the difference between one sentence and half an hour? That is a key question in preaching. We work hard to understand a biblical passage. We look at the context, wrestle with the flow of thought, analyse the details, and work out what the author was trying to communicate. Our end goal in studying the passage is to summarize the passage with a succinct single sentence.”

The Scandal of the American Evangelical Intellectual

This post is a reminder that education, books, journals, conference do not substitute for biblical knowledge. Justin Taylor, using D. A. Carson notes, “In other words, I worry less about the anti-intellectualism of the less educated sections of evangelicalism than I do about the biblical and theological illiteracy, or astonishing intellectual compromise, among its leading intellectuals.”

Wake Up

In times of crisis all people will awaken to a form of prayer. As Casey McCall notes, “However, for Christians, this awakened-to-God state should be the norm. We live with constant awareness of God’s presence. In fact, one way to distinguish a Christian from a non-Christian is that a Christian is someone who has been awakened by God’s grace to the reality of God in Christ. Our eyes have been opened. We live by faith awakened to realities that those who lack faith cannot see.”

Extra Base: Virtual Children? Virtual Church?

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