Around the Horn (December 15)

Have We Undervalued Baptism?

If baptism is a covenant act it matters for our everyday lives and how we shape our actions. To deny that is the “undervalue” baptism.

Hope > Optimism

“God did not take on our humanity and make himself into one of us just so that he could wish us a happy Christmas, expressing his sincere hope that things would improve for us somehow in the years to come. That would have been a nice gesture, but it wouldn’t have been all that helpful. We can do that much ourselves. No, when Jesus came to earth he did not come to bring the “I hope so” kind of hope, but something else entirely.”

Praise for an Ordinary, Unknown Pastor

“It was the investment of this ordinary, unknown pastor that changed the trajectory of my life. He accepted the call to pastor FBC, Metropolis just before my senior year in high school. I had already expressed an aspiration for ministry, but it did not develop with passion until I met Joe. His sermons were common but faithful. They were ordinary yet glorious. As he preached through the Gospel of Mark his first year, it created an appetite for expositional preaching. It was then that I formed the conviction that preaching is essentially reading, explaining, and applying the text of Scripture, centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ.”

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