Around the Horn (December 1)

The Subversive Power of ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’

In this post, D. J. Marotta writes, “There’s a subtle subversion taking place within us as we pray this line. The human reality is that we all hallow something. It might be a person, a job, your image, money, your reputation, or your sexual appeal. There aren’t two kinds of people in the world: hallowers and non-hallowers. There is only one kind: the hallower, the worshiper.”

Contentment Is the True Measure of Godliness

This post is an adapted excerpt from Randy Alcorn’s book, Giving is the Good Life. In it, he notes that with all the modern comforts and wealth, this generation is less content than the previous ones. Why?

Come, Ye Thankful People

In this First Things piece, the author notes that we can always give thanks to God because God shows his goodness to us in Christ. In other words, God give us Christ so that through Christ we may offer praise to God.

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