Around the Horn (November 17)

From Griping to Gratitude

This post makes a statement that is worth the five minutes it will take to read the article, “a grateful heart is always satisfied,” yet you should read the rest.

Patiently Hearing the Word

There are two human actors in the preaching moment, the preacher and the hearer(s), and they both have a responsibility. Noted here, “Right or wrong there is a burden placed on many preachers to stay within prescribed time limits. While a long-winded preacher can do a lot to kill a Sunday morning so too can the hurried impatience of a congregation.”

Shepherding in the Age of Self

This IX Marks articles raises a concern and asks a question, “Virtually overnight, a freshly minted opinion has become the primary lens through which church members evaluate “the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). No serious biblical study; no listening for authorial or homiletical intent. Where there was humility under the Word, now there is judgment over the Word. Where there was trust, now there is distrust. How did we get here?”

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