Around the Horn (November 10)

The Age of Ingratitude

In this First Things article Carl Trueman notes, “To be grateful is a human trait. More than that—to be grateful is to be human. For in gratitude we acknowledge that we are not isolated, autonomous individuals but are dependent upon others, a dependency in which we find joy and for which we are thankful.”

Building a Life-Transforming Sermon

“I suggest that those who are serious about biblical preaching that is transformative should shy away from being an exhibitionist or extemporaneous proclaimer. We must embrace our own discipline and the painstaking labor, by being meticulous during the tedious process of sermon crafting. Potential candidates for the Kingdom of God need to hear the Truth of the word of God through a vessel that will point them to the cross and not their opinion.”

As Long As You Know You’re Nobody Very Special

Noting the freedom in the ordinary, this author, leaning on C.S. Lewis writes, “Pride and an overblown sense of self is a horrible burden to carry. When we let go of these burdens, we find that we’re actually quite ordinary, but that our ordinariness is actually quite okay after all.”

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