Around the Horn (October 20)

Is Sermon Application Legalism?

“Why is it so important to believe that application is a friend of the gospel? In the name of gospel centrality, preachers may be tempted to downplay or neglect preaching imperatives. Additionally, some listeners may come to believe that preachers who include imperative statements in their sermons are legalists. It’s important to be clear on this point.”

Lost Art of Attentive Sermon Listening

“Listening well to God’s Word preached has become a forgotten discipline. How many Sunday morning sermons have we heard without ever mentally processing or internalizing? Good books abound on effectively proclaiming the Word of God, but what if the problem isn’t solely the preacher? What if an undiagnosed problem in our churches is that many in the pews are poor listeners? How can we learn the art of auditory worship?”

How Satan Prepares Men for Ministry

This is a creative Screwtape-esque post about the seminary satan would run. The seminary of N.I.C.E.

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