Around the Horn (September 29)

The Bitter Splinters of Marburg

This is a helpful post by Michael A.G. Haykin in which he uses the debate between Luther and Zwingli to highlight the importance of understanding the possible results of disagreements on secondary or tertiary issues.

The Most Dangerous Type of Christian Parenting

Here Aaron Earls notes, “Parenting is hard enough as it is. I’m not trying to heap more guilt on you or add something else to your to-do or to-not-do list. But I do wish someone would’ve told me how tempted I would be, even as a Christian parent who loves my kids and wants to see them know and love Jesus, to focus on something other than their spiritual growth. The most dangerous part of this temptation is how simultaneously subtle and destructive it can be. We can be “doing all the right things” but be missing the most important thing.”

Parents, Just Go to Church

This simple idea, argues this post, is foundational for parents who desire to raise Christ-honoring children.

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