Around the Horn (September 22)

Emerging From Our Trials Unscathed

Here Tim Challis notes, “We are to pass through our trials unscathed by them all, unsullied and unharmed. We will not be unchanged, of course, and neither should we be. We will not be unimpacted, for our trials are not nothing—they are real and meaningful and make themselves known to body, mind, and soul. We are after all, humans, not robots and Christians, not stoics. But our trials should make us better, not worse. They should strengthen our character, not diminish it.”

A Pastor’s Labor for the Obedience of Faith

In this post, author William Edwards argues that while justification is often rightly emphasized sanctification can be overlooked. He argues that perhaps it can be seen as a “mystery.”

The Discipline of Gratitude

Speaking from his experience as a missionary in Cameroon, David Hare writes, “I have come to learn that exposure to poverty does not make the rich less entitled. Exposure to the sick does not make the well more thankful for their health. Rather, I have come to see that gratitude is a discipline.”

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